Japanese Facts You Didn’t Know

Did you know that Japan has their own native people? Or that a Japanese diplomat rescued 6000+ Jewish people form the holocaust in WWII? And that Japanese-Americans fought the Germans and Italians in WWII? Come learn other unknown and interesting facts about Japan.

Chinese Ghost Lore (16+)

An introduction to China’s complex and fascinating ghost lore. We’ll examine ghosts and the walking dead in Chinese folk tales, literature, superstition, religion, and cinema, in a fun and informative tour of Chinese afterlife beliefs.

Discount Cinema

Formed in 2009, Discount Cinema has been developing their unique fusion of original Gothic Rock, Metal, and Electro-Pop while creating an energetic, theatrical live show. Occasionally dabbling in fun covers and costumes as well once they started to hit the Convention scene, Discount Cinema is an unheard treat for your ear holes and your eye holes!

Lip Sync For Your Cosplay

Do you get your life from performing? Know every word and choreography to half the dances in Love Live? Then grab that cosplay and prove your worth! LSFYC is a high-energy, heads-up dance battle competition where you show us who’s the fiercest of them all! You’d better werk!